Veterinary Public Health
(VPH) was defined by the WHO consultation on "future trends in veterinary public health" held in Teramo, Italy in 1999 as "the sum of all contributions to the physical, mental and social well-being of humans through an understanding and application of veterinary science". Veterinary public health is an essential part of public health and includes various types of cooperation between the disciplines that link the health triad, people-animals-environment, and all of its interactions.
(WHO; , Accessed on October, 2013).
           Department of Veterinary Public Health, Kasetsart University, plays it roles for the VPH core domains of diagnosis, surveillance, epidemiology, control and prevention and elimination of zoonoses, food protection, management of health aspects of laboratory animal facilities, biomedical research, health education and extension, control of biological products and medical devices, management of domestic and wild animal populations, protection of environment and management of public health emergencies. In order to promotion of happiness and social well-being of people in Thailand.  
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